How to properly grow a full beard

How to Properly Grow a Full Beard


Nothing adds a sense of ruggedness to a man's appearance than a good looking beard. But despite how easy it actually is to properly grow a beard, there's a lot of false facts being thrown around. Below we've given you a quick, easy to follow, proven method for growing a solid healthy beard.

The Steps of Beard Growth


Step 1: Stop Shaving

There are a lot of people out there that claim they can't grow a beard due to genetics or companies claiming that they have the product that will give men the ability to grow a thick manly beard. It's false and it's snake oil. To grow a beard, assuming you've hit puberty, you just have to stop shaving for about 3-4 months. Don't shave it off halfway through because your facial hair is patchy and you think it'll make it grow back thicker. That's the equivalent of spending all of your money halfway through your life so you can save more later. Just let it grow man.


Step 2: Face Shape & Beard Styles

In order to choose the right beard style, you have to know your face shape so this will require some research on your end. The shape of your face dictates what styles are going to be ideal. For example, men with an oval shaped face should keep the sides of their beard short to avoid making their face look too wide. In contrast, keeping the beard long on the sides will help round off a triangle shaped face, making the jawline look more pronounced. It takes a while to grow your beard so don't just wing this step, you don't want to shave off half your beard trying a style that was never going to work with your face shape.


Step 3: Sculpting & Styling

Once your beard is mature, you'll look a little bit like a savage caveman, this is where sculpting and styling come into play. As a rule of thumb, you should set aside about an hour or so for the initial sculpting session so at no point you feel rushed. The basic tools for beard grooming are a beard brush, oil and balm as well as a barber's clippers, comb and shears. Most of these items are available at the haberdashery in our Beard Care collection with the exception of the comb and clippers. For the comb we recommend the Kent brand, it is the best comb you will ever own and it is very affordable. For clippers it really doesn't matter, literally dog clippers would work so don't break the bank on anything too fancy.


Final Thoughts & Pro Tips:

And that's really all there is to it. There's no special products you need to buy to enhance hair growth and you're not genetically doomed because your facial hair grows in patchy. The trick to beard growth is just giving it enough time to grow.

Some pro tips to ease the process: 1) Use beard oil early on to help reduce the itchiness and promote healthy skin 2) When sculpting your beard take care not to cut a bunch off at once, you can immediately take more off as you shape the beard but only time can put it back on.

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