How men's shorts should fit

How Shorts Should Fit

Oddly enough there are a lot of guys who think that since shorts are more of a leisure-wear item that the fit doesn't matter as much, this could not be further from the truth. So with that in mind, we put together a quick article on how to navigate the proper fit. In general, when searching for the right pair of shorts you want to pay attention to the waist, inseam and silhouette.


Length: When men wear shorts that hide their knees it creates a visual effect of them being short and slobby. The ideal length is an inch or two above the knee. This will make the man appear taller, creating a more mature rugged look that presents nicely.

Silhouette: You want to avoid oversized baggy shorts, they will make you look like a toddler and just in general will not flatter the body. Instead, it is better to go for something slightly more tapered meaning they are widest at the waist and work themselves inward as they progress down the leg. So as a rule of thumb, think of a V shape as the ideal silhouette for men’s shorts.

Waist: Although it may seem obvious, we wanted to make sure to cover it. It's crucial to get the correct waist size to ensure the right fit. Too loose gives off a baggy look whereas too tight is both uncomfortable and displeasing to the eye. The sweet spot is usually a size up from your normal pant waist size. However, if you need to wear a belt to hold your shorts up, the waist is definitely too big.


That pretty much sums it up, nothing super complicated but the information is absolutely necessary to avoid looking like a character in an Adam Sandler movie. With that being said, don't forget to keep this guide in mind as you shop for shorts this summer.


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